Attention: Studio Owners. Ready To Stop Winging🤞 Your Marketing In 2024?

Don't Fumble Your Way Through Another Year Without A Clear Marketing Plan

Steal our exact one page marketing plan that our clients use to double their fitness studios year on year (It'll Take You Less Than 5 Minutes To Complete!)

If You Feel Like You've Fumbled Your Way Through Your Marketing The Last Few Years, Then Grab The 2024 Ultimate Fitness Marketing Planner & Have Your Best Year Yet

Marketing your fitness studio doesn't need to be complicated. But most of us don't do it because we're either too busy actually doing the work of growing our studio's or we just don't know where to start.

But taking a bit of time to get clear on your goals and how you are going to get there is going to make marketing your studio in 2024 MUCH more effective. And with the Ultimate Fitness Marketing Planner we walk you through it step by step AND we even throw in 365+ days of social media marketing prompts (so essentially we're saving you a whole lot fo time next year too!).

When you're finished with it, your marketing will by pumping (as well as new members in your studio) + you can power down at the end of the year knowing 2024 is taken care of.

What's Included In The Ultimate 2024 Fitness Marketing Planner™

  • The 5 Minute 'No-Fluff' Goal Setting Guide. Forget lofty goals, focus on the one top line number that counts - how many new members do you need each month? We'll work out the rest from there.

  • Our Content Maximiser 'Done For You' Social Media Prompts. Don't think about another social media post for the rest of 2024. Choose a monthly theme and apply our Content maximiser prompts and you'll have your content locked in for THE WHOLE YEAR.

  • The Daily Marketing Activities Tracker. You are the result of what you do daily and the same applies for your marketing. You'll be dying to complete your marketing tasks just so you can complete all the boxes!

❌ STOP Winging Your Marketing In 2024. Create a clear plan that's easy to create and dead-easy to follow

One Page. One Year. Everything You Need To Run Your Marketing IN 2024

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