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The ULTIMATE ChatGPT Fitness Marketing Masterclass:

Stop Wasting Time Doing Your Own Marketing. Learn How To Use ChatGPT As Your personal Marketing Assistant

Don't spend wasted hours writing & coming up with ideas for your social media and content for your fitness studio (or hundreds of dollars on agencies and VA's). Use the power of the new ChatGPT AI tool to generate endless ideas and content ON TAP.

Finally, an (almost) perfect marketing assistant

I bet when you decided to start a Fitness Studio you saw yourself training clients, making sales and generally helping to change people's lives. Except the reality turned out to be quite different. Along with all those things you're required to do a million other things including... HEAD MARKETER of your business.

So in the spare time you have you end up writing copy for social media posts, posting stories, creating dancing reels to keep up with the trends and if you're honest with yourself you're just tired and... over it.

And If You're Like Most Studio Owners You've Probably Tried A Few Different Ways To 'OutSource' Your Marketing

  • You've tried doing it yourself (along with everything else on your plate). But you just don't have the time or expertise to get it done.

  • You've tried delegating it to a 'younger' team or family member. But as much as they are good at social media, they just don't understand what is needed to bring in new members through social media.

  • You've tried hiring a social media agency. But that was WAY too expensive for just a few posts a month and the content just never felt like YOU.

  • Or maybe you've tried hiring a VA. But you still had to spend hours training & sourcing content for them.

So... Let Us Introduce You To Your New Marketing AI Assistant.

Your AI Assistant is fast, doesn't require breaks, always produces consistent work & gets up to speed FAST.

ChatGPT is the best in class AI content writer (and general assistant) on the market right now & it's pretty incredible!

And in this 90 minute masterclass we'll walk you through step by step how to use it to produce unique, quality content for your social media post, emails & any other marketing content you need.

Before you know it you'll be sipping those almond latte's and watching ChatGPT do your marketing work for YOU!

Take The Hard Work Out Of Marketing & Learn How ChatGPT Can Help You

What We'll Cover In The Masterclass:

  • ChatGPT Basics. What it is, how to use it & best practices for getting the best out of it.

  • Discover our Unique Content Maximiser Framework™ which creates 30 days of social media content for you (& how to plug that into ChatGPT)

  • The common mistakes that most people are making with ChatGPT (& why it's harming their marketing more than helping)

  • Specific PROVEN prompts to use with ChatGPT to create unique & quality content.

  • Our specific ChatGPT Training Method that will train your ChatGPT assistant in half the time it would take normally.

What You'll Get:

  • 90 Minute Self-Paced Masterclass (watch any time at your own pace).

  • Bonus cheatsheet of ChatGPT prompts to help you get the most out of your new AI Assistant.

  • 1:1 Mini-Session with our ChatGPT specialist to help you take the next steps in your marketing.

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Enroll In Our Next Intake Of The New Client Challenge! Now that ChatGPT is taking care of your marketing, you can focus on getting new clients! The new client challenge shows you how to get 5-7 new clients in 21 days without paid ads or cold outreach

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❌ Finally, take the hard work out of marketing. No more late nights, or weekends working on marketing. Let ChatGPT do it all for you!

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